A Modern Arrangement

For a prompt in asoiafkinkmeme--the characters belong to GRRM

The Stark family is desperate after Ned's death; Tywin desperately needs to marry his player son Tyrion off. Taking advantage to their financial he says if Sansa and Tyrion marry he will help them out. Somehow Sansa and Tyrion make their arranged marriage work and fall in love.

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After All These Years

Fill for a prompt in asoiafkinkmeme. The characters belong to GRRM.

Tyrion did not know what to think when Sansa Stark, Queen in the North, and still technically his wife, came to negotiate with Queen Daenerys. He tried to hide, knowing very well he would have to see her soon since he was Queen Daenerys’ Hand. But he was very surprised, after hiding all day that he would walk into his chambers to find Sansa Stark there.

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Love Beyond the Wall

Written for a prompt on asoiafkinkmeme--Tyrion should have been killed off as a child he knows that, it is not like he could do any of the wilding things, like steal a wife, fight, etc. But after saving Sansa from being stolen (a complete fluke) she now considers herself his wife and is coming under his furs with him.. These characters belong to GRRM.
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